Anglo-Norman Miroir

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Anglo-Norman Miroir


See Pattwell, Niamh, 'An unnoticed fragment of the Anglo-Norman Miroir by Robert Gretham in Marsh's Library, Dublin' in Journal of the Early Book Society for the study of manuscripts and printing history.

Written on original envelope: 'Fragment refers apparently to the story of David and Bathsheba. In octosyllabic rhyming couplets with some quatrains on the same rhyme. MS Late C13? 'Copied 2/4/46 D. Ross. King's College Newcastle on Tyne.'

Originally numbered 11.

No record of which volume this was taken from.

Found with various manuscript and printed fragments in wooden box in Y room [put there by Newport White].



Suggested Citation

“Anglo-Norman Miroir,” Marsh's Library Labs, accessed July 21, 2018,

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