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'O sapientia que ex ore Altissimi'

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'O sapientia que ex ore Altissimi'


[O Antiphon]
[The christian advent, or, entertainments for that holy season: in moral reflections and pious thoughts and aspirations on the gospel for the four Sundays and for Wednesday and Friday in every Week of Advent: On the Great O’S, or solemn Antiphons, which are sung or said on the seven Days before Christmas-Eve. With Devout Entertainments for Christmas-Eve, and on the Gospels for Christmas Day. To which are added, moral reflections, &c. on the Gospels for the Sundays from Christmas-Day to the first Sunday in Lent. By the Reverend Father Pacificus Baker, Of the Order of St. Francis.]

From antiphon collection intended to be sung or recited at Vespers in the last days of Advent, 17 – 23 December. Parchment. Late 14th- early 15th century, (Alison Ray, PhD candidate University College London).

Removed from the binding of H3.6.49, a collection of 23 sixteenth-century pamphlets.

Marsh's Library stamp and call number on verso of leaf.

These items were taken from bindings during the tenure of Newport B. White (Librarian 1931-57) and kept as a collection in a wooden box in the Y room.




Fragment 179

Suggested Citation

“'O sapientia que ex ore Altissimi',” Marsh's Library Labs, accessed July 22, 2018, http://www.marshlibrary.ie/digi/items/show/179.

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