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L. Lemercier de Neuville, Théatre des Pupazzi (Lyon, 1876).

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L. Lemercier de Neuville, Théatre des Pupazzi (Lyon, 1876).


Dimension: 21.8 cm.

Provenance: Sotheby’s April 1982, lot no. 542. Bought by the bookseller R. Lyon for £750. This book was part of a collection bequeathed by Edward Sullivan to Mrs. Vera Rattigan (née Houston), his god-daughter, and then, by descent, to the 1982 seller.

Binding: Green morocco decorated by Sullivan in the manner of a French eighteenth-century reliure mosaïquée. The upper cover with an elaborate flowering plant of brown, yellow, red and blue onlays with an outer gold tooled floral border and an inner border of a double fillet and chain roll. The lower cover with an onlaid ‘S’ in red surrounded with floral tools. Signed ‘E.S. AURIFEX’ on the lower cover.

Suggested Citation

“L. Lemercier de Neuville, Théatre des Pupazzi (Lyon, 1876).,” Marsh's Library Labs, accessed July 20, 2018, http://www.marshlibrary.ie/digi/items/show/333.

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