Marsh’s LEGO ® Minifigures Hunt

There is a book thief out to steal one of our books and being only 3cm high he is tough to find!  Visitors are welcome to seek out the master criminal who is out of jail and once again is about to steal a book from our new ‘Hunting Stolen Books’ exhibition.

Can our hunters also find our infamous historical figures from the library’s past, cleverly recreated in LEGO® minifigure form?

Come and meet  James Joyce, Cicero, Grace Marsh, Jonathan Swift, Maurice the mummy, Emily Lawless and more in our minifigures hunt.

The LEGO® collective will be hidden from Monday 22nd May.  Look up, look down, look in the exhibition cases to find them but remember do not touch our books…we have had enough of book thieves!

Keeper Newport J D White


Grace Marsh and her letter

Novelist and poet, Emily Lawless

James Joyce

Maurice the mummy