305% Visitor Increase during March

Despite its having been the coldest March on record for a long while, it hasn’t stopped our visitors one bit.  

We have seen an increase of 305{b6faddc15c6125eedf46138cf6973a0b4257b8834ab8b3590e5b0458fa58dda0} people through our big front door, compared to that of 2012 (and this does not include the St. Patrick’s Festival treasure hunters, which would make an increase of 700{b6faddc15c6125eedf46138cf6973a0b4257b8834ab8b3590e5b0458fa58dda0}).

If this pattern continues we will be welcoming approximately 12,000 visitors during the summer months this year.

Should our motto be Dún an doras or Go n-éirí an bothar linn?!


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