3rd Class Students Get Printing

We welcomed back Warrenmount Presentation Primary School 3rd classes to create some prints of their own after attending the demonstration given by Melissa Ellis back in February.

The children had been recently studying native animals to Ireland so we looked at some images and prints found in books from Marsh’s Collections.  They created a design of their own and, using simple materials such as cardboard, string, bubble wrap, cleaning sponges and lots of PVA glue, they produced a printing block.

The only colour ink we had was black, so we briefly looked at how we could add colour to our prints by printing on top of collage, coloured felt tips and pencil crayons.  Most of the students chose however to print on a blank canvas and will be busy adding colour to their prints once they have dried.

They all produced a block and prints with some amazing results as you can see here!



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