…and the final binding design winners are!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to create a binding design for our competition here in the library.  It has been so popular that we have decided to keep the work station in place for those of you who want to sit and be creative for a few minutes in the calm surroundings of the old reading room.  The prize giving will however end with our final winners below.

April’s entry is by Alexandria Taylor from Toronto and her prize is on its way.

May’s winner is perhaps not so much for the cover but for the title, ‘How to Obtain Happiness’ and don’t we all want a bit of this?!

Well done to Joshi Dookhy, all the way from Ranelagh!  Your prize is coming to you soon.



On a final note, we had a joker in our midst with this binding below. Clearly, HE didn’t know who was judging, as he would know he couldn’t win – even though he not only created a cover but wrote a whole book!



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