Biography Writing for Primary Students

Marsh’s Library has seen many famous faces over its 300 year history.  So how about writing a biography of one of writers who read in Marsh’s?

What is a biography?

A biography is a piece of factual writing about a person’s life and achievements.  If you were writing about yourself it would be called an autobiography.

Who will you write about?

Here are some factual sheets about the famous Irish writers who have read in the library.  This information links the writers with Marsh’s Library, so there’s lots of missing information about them.



What information do I need to find out?

Choose a person who interests you and read the information on the sheet.  We’re sure you have many more questions about them now, so use a KWL (Know-What-Learnt) grid to help you research the writer in more detail.

Write down the things you already know (K) about your person.  Then ask a few questions about what you want (W) to know, then  find answers to your questions and write down what you have learnt (L).  You can look at our example of Bram Stoker.

Blank KWL Grid
Bram Stoker KWL








Now use your school or local library to see if you can answer your questions.  A much easier way to research now is on the internet.

NB:  Please ask an adult for permission to use the internet and an adult may want to supervise or help you find the right information to answer your questions.

How do I start to organise my information and begin writing?

Now you can use all the information from your KWL grid and write a plan of your biography.  Organise it into chronological order.  Not all biographies are written in chronological order, so if you do want to start with why they were most famous and then go back to their early life, that is up to you when you begin writing your final draft.

Use the sheets below to plan and write out your final biography (or write it in your copybooks at home).

Biography Plan Blank
Bram Stoker Biography Blank
Blank Biography Sheet
Mary Tighe
Jonathan Swift
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