Bram Stoker Festival Weekend

Marsh's staff

The Bram Stoker Festival 2016 brought a frightening number of ghouls, wizards and witches to Marsh’s this year.  The atmosphere was spooktacular! Marsh’s staff led the way in the costume department.

We had on the spot sweet prizes for the best children’s costumes (and maybe a few adults ones too!), ink blood to write with and our selfie corner switched from 1916 hats to the more Halloween inspired attire!

The Gothic Shadow Puppet Show was incredibly popular and the short spooky stories were highly entertaining.  Many thanks to the very talented group of puppeteers whom we are sure will be back!  The Bram Stoker Festival Organisers did a great job, it gets bigger and better every year, so….

…see you next year…whoa ha ha ha!
Halloween selfie corner
Blood to write with...
Isibéal's impressive costume
Dracula, Dr Frankenstein & Bram by any chance?
Martha is a nervous pumpkin
Ruadhan gets a special hands on experience of puppeteering


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