Casement Papers

A note on the Casement Papers held at Farmleigh has been published by our research fellow John Gibney in Breac, the digital journal of Irish Studies of the University of Notre Dame. John held a Visiting Research Fellowship  in Marsh’s Library in April 2013. See the article at…/65748-a-note-on-the-casement-papers-…/

You can see papers from the collection in our current exhibition, ‘1916: Tales from the Other Side’, including his letter to Richard Morten about the Home Rule bill. By this time, Casement was thoroughly disillusioned with the concept: instead, with red ink vehemently underlining the words, he wrote: ‘before I die, please God, I’ll raise the English Question — and make its solution the chief care of Europe.’

The whole current issue of Breac is focussed on Casement: see the list of contents at



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