Children’s Short-Story Competition

Top 20 shortlisted stories

During October we ran a short-story competition for children, in collaboration with the Bram Stoker Festival.

Participating schools were:

  St. Paul’s Senior Primary School, Limekiln Lane, D12.

  St. Patrick’s Cathedral  Choir School, D8.

  Our Lady’s National School, St. Columbanus Rd., D14.

  St. Brigid’s National School, The Coombe, D8.

  Montessori Education Centre, D1.

  St. Kilian’s German School, D14.

  Notre Dame Junior School, D14.

  Harold’s Cross National School, D6w.

  St. Enda’s Primary School, D8.

  St. Michael’s College Junior School, D4.

The top 20 shortlisted students were invited, along with their families and teachers, to Marsh’s Library on Saturday October 27th for the official prize-giving. The final judges were Irish children’s authors Alan Early, Ruth Frances Long and Eithne Massey, and both Alan and Ruth presented the top 4 students with their prizes.

The prizes of €30, €20 and €10 book vouchers were generously donated by Dubray Books and the Gutter Bookshop.

The top 20 shortlisted stories can be read here:

1. Icon of Caoimhe Johnson Caoimhe Johnson (202.7 KB)

2. Icon of Alysia Cloake Alysia Cloake (226.4 KB)

3. Icon of Juno Kostick Juno Kostick (262.4 KB)

4. Icon of Meghan Becker Meghan Becker (284.5 KB)

5. Icon of Aisling Burns Aisling Burns (382.0 KB)

6. Icon of Aisling O'Byrne Aisling O'Byrne (166.4 KB)

7. Icon of Aoibhinn Browne Aoibhinn Browne (427.3 KB)

8. Icon of Caoimhe Daly Caoimhe Daly (253.0 KB)

9. Icon of Daniel Lynch Daniel Lynch (206.3 KB)

10. Icon of Elaria Rosney Elaria Rosney (192.5 KB)

11. Icon of Eubha Kelly Eubha Kelly (159.4 KB)

12. Icon of Grace Glynn Grace Glynn (230.2 KB)

13. Icon of Jack Condon Jack Condon (188.3 KB)

14. Icon of Jade Murphy Jade Murphy (258.8 KB)

15. Icon of Lillian Danaher Lillian Danaher (194.2 KB)

16. Icon of Martina Ibrahim Martina Ibrahim (311.8 KB)

17. Icon of Michelle Darker Michelle Darker (184.8 KB)

18. Icon of Michelle Dunne Michelle Dunne (155.9 KB)

19. Icon of Mitchell Dey Mitchell Dey (191.0 KB)

20. Icon of Mollie Northridge Mollie Northridge (166.6 KB)

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