Codex Kilkenniensis online

We are delighted that Irish Script On Screen  (ISOS) is hosting a digital reproduction of this manuscript. 

It is thought to have Leinster and Franciscan origins. This is how it is described in Richard Sharpe’s Medieval Irish Saints’ LivesAn introduction to Vitae Sanctorum Hiberniae (Oxford 1991) 95:

… variously known as the Codex Kilkenniensis or Codex Ardmachanus, was written in the fifteenth century, by more than one scribe, on membrane now approx. 350 x 240 mm. but originally somewhat wider. When the MS was bound, the margins were cropped by at least 10 mm.; many marginal notes were retained but were cut around, leaving tabs, but some chapter numbers in the outer margins were lost. The present binding is of the late seventeenth century and is broken. The writing is in two columns of 44 lines, rising to 49 or 50 lines in the latter part. The manuscript contained 159 leaves when foliated in the early seventeenth century from f. 1 to f. 158 (a leaf was overlooked between f. 135 and f. 136). There may originally have been 160 or 168 leaves, but in its present state the manuscript has lost ff. 1-32, 36-38, and individual leaves removed elsewhere, ff. 100, 137, 153.

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