A selection of digitised advertisements from The Dublin Journal, a popular journal published bi-weekly in the eighteenth century are displayed on the maps. These advertisements offer a fascinating insight into eighteenth century trade in Dublin. They cover a myriad of topics, with vivid and colourful descriptions of estates for sale, reports of missing staff, stolen horses and dropped pocket watches, campaigns for upcoming publications, theatrical performances, political events, fundraising endeavours, and upcoming ship departures. They are also significant in that they were the stimulus for the newspaper publishing boom, responsible for two key essentials for publishers: providing revenue and attracting an audience.

These maps were created during an internship carried out by Gráinne Kelly, as part of her studies for an MPhil in Digital Humanities at Trinity College Dublin. The aim of the internship was to map a selection of advertisements on a contemporary map of Dublin. Digitising this material means that online access could be provided. For the first time ever, scholars and members of the general public can view and study the advertisements without having to physically visit Marsh’s Library. Preserving and conserving the advertisements in this way means that a digital record of these fragile, delicate publications now exists, a new resource for Marsh’s Library. Mapping the advertisements in this way also has the advantage of contextualising data for users, and opening up plenty of discussion points by revealing patterns in terms of trade locations, and illuminating historical developments in terms of consumerism in Dublin.

Marsh’s Library holds an extensive run (1740-1751) of The Dublin Journal. The Journal (also known as Faulkner’s Journal, after its publisher George Faulkner) was issued twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The collection in Marsh’s Library consists of five large leather-bound volumes spanning eleven years from 1740 to 1751. Each issue is four pages in length. A large portion of each issue (usually two pages, sometimes more) is devoted to advertisements; in other words, there are circa 100 advertisements in each issue.

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