Dublin Writers’ Festival at Marsh’s Library

We were glad to stage this amazing  production in conjunction with Dublin Writers’ Festival on 24 May 2014. The audience really loved its magical intimacy!

The Icebook is the world’s first projection-mapped pop-up book, a theatrical installation depicting a silent fable through acombination of paper pop-ups, projection mapping and music. By day, each of the 11 pages is no more than a few feet tall, featuring intricately hand-cut blank pop-ups, but when the lights go out and a projection is beamed onto the book’s pages, the paper comes to life as if by magic and a dark, atmospheric story unfolds about a man on a journey through the wilderness. The result is an intimate 15-minute visual experience that’s greater than the sum of its parts, designed for an audience of no more than 12 people.

A Registered Charity: RCN 20000752, CHY509
Creative Commons License Governors & Guardians of Marsh's Library