Early Modern Medicine for GPs!

Heart and lungs from Descartes, De Homine

We welcomed Dr Darach O Ciardha’s group from the TCD Training Programme in General Practice to see some early modern medical books. The illustration of the heart and lungs from Descartes De Homine, with liftable flaps showing the heart’s internal structures; Bidloo’s huge folio anatomy from 1685 with its detailed and accurate engravings; a manuscript collection of material from the Montpelier school (one of the two most famous medieval schools of medicine), in particular the section dealing with diagnosis by the colour of urine; a treatise on acupuncture and moxa as described in the west by Willem ten Rhyne; and big pharma seventeenth century style from the collection of our first librarian, Elie Bouhereau (who held a medical degree from Orange and practised as a doctor) all gave the course participants a glimpse of the multi-facetted history of their profession. Then they told us that the CT scan images of our mummy are on the system at St James’s…

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