Family Visits

If you are bringing your family for a day out, whether it be a Saturday or in the school holidays, we would love to welcome you to the library. While the adults can peruse the exhibited books we have a selection of activities for children to do.

Our Scary (and Hairy) Tales Comic, which can be purchased at the door, is a self guide to lead our young visitors through the library with a few gruesome and quirky stories that will appeal to their curiosity.  This will introduce them to some well known readers, Bram Stoker and Jonathan Swift, who visited the library and the famous ghost story of Narcissus and Grace Marsh.

We have the very popular minifgure hunt also, where 13 historical minifigures are hidden among the shelves and books that children will have to seek and find!



At the end of Gallery Two you will find a table with ink and quills to practise your uncial writing and a selfie corner, where you can find hats, masks and props connected with the library and images from the exhibition.  So come and have a bit of fun!



Please contact Julie Burke (Education/Outreach Officer) for any further details at:

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