STEPS Engineers Week 2021

Take the 10 engineering stations quiz!

Engineers Week is to take place from Saturday 27th February to 5th March this year.  We won’t be seeing you in person, so we are coming to you this time.  You’ll find the quiz below with multiple choice answers.  Less interactive and hands on than we’d like, but there is nothing stopping you from having a go at some of these at home afterwards:

Station ideas to do at home:

  1. Station 1 – Instructions on how to make this plane can be found here.
  2. Station 2 – Make your own weather vane, the diagram pretty much is all you need!
  3. Station 3 – Design and make a simple toy using cams
  4. Station 4 – Oh you’ll have a blast making a marble run with any recycling materials you have at home!  Why not try making a ski run from the top of your sofa down to the ground, using cushions to hold any pipes, kitchen roll holders, boxes you can find!  If you have strong duck tape you could stick a marble run to an outside wall!
  5. Station 5 – Do you have a fridge magnet?  Go and test a few metals around the house, which have a strong attraction to your magnet?  Can you find examples of the metals in this station?…are coins attracted to magnets and can you think of a good reason for your answer?
  6. Station 6 – If you have enough unused toilet rolls in the cupboard (and no building blocks!), build a few cylinder towers in a variety of styles and test their strength, find out about the round towers you see all over the country, why are they round?
  7. Station 7 – Okay you might not be able to build an archway, but next time you go for a walk, go past the church, look at old walls and old buildings…see if you can spot any archways (and that very important stone at the top, cannot name it here!)
  8. Mystery Object No.3 – How to make a 3D image viewer instructions are here!
  9. Station 8 – Try to invent your own secret code with symbols, share the code with a friend and have a great time writing secret notes that no-one will understand!
  10. Station 9 – This will keep you busy, instructions can be found here (adult help needed with this one).
  11. Station 10 – How about building your own bridge from any material e.g. card, blocks, Lego, straws, string, rolled up newspapers, elastic bands, spaghetti! Place two chairs 20-30cm apart. Your bridge has to reach across the gap between the chairs and take the weight of something of your choice…a toy, a book, a bag of sugar!

Once you’ve completed the quiz, download and print a certificate for yourself:  Engineers Week 2021 Certificate

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