Engineers Week 2020

Ready to take on the 10 engineering stations again? Engineers Week 2020 begins on Monday 2nd March.

Teams of 2/3 students from 1st-4th classes will travel from station to station tackling our 10 stations with only 3 minutes to complete each task, working co-operatively to solve, balance, build and test!

There are three sessions a day up for grabs (NB: No sessions on Tuesdays).

Here are the session times for 2nd – 6th March (Week One) and 9th – 13th March (Week Two):

1st Session 9:30am-10:30am  2nd session 11:00am-12:00pm  3rd Session  12.45pm-1:45pm

To book a place please provide all the information on our School Group Booking Form and/or email your details directly to

The STEPS team have yet again provided amazing resources for all to download, so do go to their website for lots of ideas to do at home or in the classroom.



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