Heritage Week 2020 – Albin’s Birds

This year Heritage Week 2020 was online and project based. We shared Albin’s original water coloured birds and hoped to inspire you all, no matter what age or level, to produce some amazing art and craft from a few of the images or alternatively to get outside for a spot of bird watching or fact finding on our feathered heritage.

The water colours, bound together in two volumes arrived in Marsh’s in June 1803, and were bequeathed to the library by a Alexander Mangan Esq.  Here is a video introducing one of the volumes.

The volumes were out on display in the Old Reading Room on both Saturdays of Heritage Week, so thank you to those who came along to see the beautiful water colours up close.

You can still find information about the books with some ideas of how to use the selection of images via our slideshow here:

Please share any art and craft or fact files you do with us, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #OnlineGalleryAtMarshs


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