Heritage Week 2021 – An Elephant Never Forgets

We need your stories!

Heritage Week takes place from 14th August – 22nd August.  Our project this year is based on the well known phrase ‘An Elephant Never Forgets’ to run alongside our Wild Elephants of Dublin 8 exhibition.

So we’re asking you elephants out there to share your heritage stories and memories of past visits to Marsh’s Library.  First impressions, funny anecdotes, or if you were a reader, a curious discovery from the collections of books and manuscripts.  We may get a few tales from members of staff too!

What we want you to do:

Write your Marsh’s memory on this postcard

Write your memory on a postcard, you can collect this from the library on a visit or click on the image to download a copy for print at home before you visit.   Alternatively, send you can send us a digital copy.  You can do this via our social media platforms or email it to: julie.burke@marshlibrary.ie  

We look forward to reading your stories and will collate them for sharing.




Visiting during Heritage Week:

Our guest minifigure elephant, Priscilla

We are delighted to be able to welcome you to the library for Heritage Week 2021.  Our current exhibition celebrates everyone’s favourite pachyderm, the elephant.  Our love of elephants is not new; they have been respected and revered since ancient times for their power, intelligence and affection.  When you visit you will see this gentle giant depicted and described in an eclectic array of books and maps.  

Elephant inflatable in the bay

Children can seek out our guest mini elephant (see right) who has joined the minifigure hunt team!  They may spot a large elephant lurking in the library somewhere for a photo opportunity too.  Please don’t feed the elephant though, it is a wild animal after all!


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