James Joyce Exhibition

James Joyce read in Marsh’s Library in October 1902, and the Library appears in UlyssesFinnegans Wake and Joyce’s unfinished semi-autobiographical novel Stephen Hero.

Our exhibition – ‘James Joyce, Apocalypse and Exile‘ – examined what Joyce read in Marsh’s.

It showed that he sought out particular texts within the Franciscan tradition, and in doing so the exhibition sheds intriguing new light on Joyce’s attitudes to Irishness, exile and Catholicism.

The 96 page catalogue of the exhibition James Joyce: Apocalypse & Exile was designed by Alan Costello. It contained significant essays on Joyce and the Franciscan tradition by Professor John McCafferty and Dr Anne Marie D’Arcy. We have a few remaining copies: please contact information@marshlibrary.ie to enquire about availability.

An online version of the exhibition is now available at https://www.marshlibrary.ie/digi2/exhibits/show/joyce


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