Katherine Philips 350 Conference


Back row: Scott Howard, Lee Morrissey, Elaine Hobby, Claire Bowditch, Evan Bourke, Sajed Chowdhury Second row: Elizabeth Hageman, Moyra Haslett, Kayleigh Toyra, Ann-Maria Walsh, Andrea Sununu, Paula Loscocco, Hui-Chu Yu, Rosalinde Schutt, Penelope Anderson, Sarah Prescott, Andrew Carpenter, Helen Draper Third row: Sarah Ross, Bronwen Wallace, Victoria Burke, Line Cottegnies, Deborah Uman, Marie-Louise Coolahan, Gillian Wright Front row: Sonya Cronin

We were delighted to be the host venue for the celebrations of the life and work of Katherine Philips – poet, dramatist and letter-writer – which took place on 27-28 June, 2014.  The event marked the 350th anniversary of the publication of her Poems.

The conference was superbly organised by Dr Marie-Louise Coolahan from the National University of Ireland, Galway and Dr Gillian Wright from the University of Birmingham. Fascinating plenary lectures were given by Professor Elizabeth Hageman of University of New Hampshire, Professor Sarah Prescott of Aberystwyth University and the well-known Dublin archaeologist Linzi Simpson, who spoke on the discoveries made at the Smock Alley Theatre.

The conference website carries details of the programme.


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