Other Activities to Play & Do

We have many online activities if you cannot get to the library in person. See below for an online version of the minifigure hunt, jigsaws & games.  Simply click on our ‘PLAY’ & ‘DO’ activities below.   




Escape our 8 rooms by solving puzzles and cracking codes!
A hunt sheet for you to download on your phone.
Try to find our hidden images in the library bay from the comfort of home.
Play our version of Snakes and Ladders.
Customise the difficulty of this online jigsaw for all ages!



Taken from our water coloured collection of birds by Albin.



If you can’t visit us, here is an online hunt for you.





A collection of images from Marsh’s collections to print off and colour.
Instructions to make your custom book cushion and sleeve.
Are you a fiery Stella or intense Marsh? Take the quiz to find out!










If you would like to find out more about the library, the collections, what we can do remotely, please contact Julie Burke at:

Email: julie.burke@marshlibrary.ie

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