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Take a look at our ‘PLAY’ section for some ideas for pairs or pods to do in the classroom or individually at home.  Try our Minifigure Hunt, which uses co-ordinates and gives a brief history of some of Ireland’s famous people.  You will also find colouring in sheets, jigsaws and a tricky Escape Room activity, for 5th and 6th Class age students.


We also have online activities for Science, Maths and Engineers Week.

Science activities to do!
Crack the Code Challenge (See other activities under ‘Learn’)









Below are some instructions and slideshows of some of the activities we have done with students in the library.  All instructions for paper folding crafts can be found here or you can click the links below the images.

Fold Out Map
Concertina Book
Fold Out Invite










If you would like to find out more about the library, the collections, what we can do remotely, please contact Julie Burke at:



What else can you see and do?

Do take a look at the websites of our fellow museums

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Here is a great virtual tour from the Schools Officer at St. Patrick’s Cathedral



The National Print Museum






Epic The Irish Immigration Museum





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