Maddock Research Fellowships


In a spirit of optimism for the future, we have awarded 9 Maddock Research Fellowships.

The continuing generosity of Niamh and Philip Maddock of Providence, Rhode Island, USA has enabled us to elect the following scholars to paid research fellowships at Marsh’s Library for 2021.

Scholars will only be able to travel when it is safe so to do. Fellowships may be held over to 2022 should it not be possible for scholars to travel this year according to the health advice of the Irish government.

The scholars and their research projects are:

1. Cusk, Dr Sarah (Lincoln College, Oxford, UK). Project: ‘The Oriental books in Marsh’s library’.
2. Gillen, Dr Ultán (Teeside University, UK). Project: ‘(Counter-)Enlightenment, Counter-Revolution, and Union: Conservative Political Thought in the Age of Revolutions’.
3. Gribben, Professor Crawford (QUB, Belfast). Project: ‘John Owen’s social network: Friends, rivals and the literary culture of nonconformity’.
4. Hughes, Professor Ann (Keele University, UK). Project: ‘Collecting, reading and organising English sermons 1640-1662: the evidence from Marsh’s Library’.
5. Kleinman, Dr Sylvie (Visiting Research Fellow, History, TCD). Project: ‘Huguenot Charity in Ireland, ca 1692-1929: From French origins to social chapter of Ireland’s and Dublin’s history’.
6. Konieczny, Ms Claire (Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, USA). Project: ‘The Visual Rhetoric of Literature from the French Wars of Religion’.
7. Larminie, Dr Vivienne (History of Parliament Trust, UK). Project: ‘International Protestant Networks before the Revocation: the impact of travel, education and information exchange’.
8. Milton, Professor Anthony (Sheffield University, UK). Project: ‘A new study of Thomas Wentworth. English Protestantism and Europe in the seventeenth century’.
9. Wendling, Ms Karina (Strasbourg University, France). Project: ‘The Bible at work: Protestant networks for the scriptural education of the poor in the 19th century’.

Health Advice: Maddock Research Fellows will only be able to travel when the advice of NPHET to the Irish government allows for unrestricted travel to Ireland and the safe opening of Marsh’s Library in accordance with the strictest health protocols.

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