Marvels of Science

Our new exhibition ‘Marvels of Science’ is now open! It will run until next summer and can be seen during our normal opening hours.



Launched by Jimmy Deenihan T.D., Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht, on the 7th of June, this exhibition covers all aspects of the sciences, from astronomy to zoology. We include the well-known, such as Galileo and Newton, as well as more unusual items!

One book describes the dissection of an elephant accidentally burnt in a fire in seventeenth-century Dublin. Marie Meurdrac’s book on chemistry for women explains the signs and symbols that (she says) the chemists tried to make a big secret and keep for themselves. In Tale of a Tub, Jonathan Swift lambasts Narcissus Marsh’s writings on acoustics.

And the exhibition is made alive by the videos produced by a group of  senior cycle school students from Essen in Germany, who recreated experiments originally performed for a paying audience in 1743 Dublin: see more here.

Special thanks for grant support to Dublin City of Science 2012!


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