Maths Week Beetlemania Booked Out!

Apologies to everyone hoping to get a slot for Maths Week, all sessions have now been booked, however we do try to squeeze in extra sessions the week before and after, so please do get in contact to see what we can arrange.

This year we will be running beetle drive inspired maths sessions! We cannot play a beetle drive game without dice and chance! The students will be finding out about probability and getting a good exercise in quick mental addition to boot.

We will start with a simple game using one die, with of course an even likelihood of each number occurring and the victors will just have luck on their side…but what happens when you introduce two dice? What are the chances then?  Three dice? …Okay, we’ll leave that for the 6th class and their homework!

Beetle prints in Of Insects by Johannes Goedardtius

At the end of the session the children can choose their own numbers for their own beetle parts and see if they can increase the chances of a win with the knowledge they have acquired and play a full beetle drive game!

This session can be levelled for 3rd to 6th classes.

Sessions available are as follows:

WEDNESDAY 18th October

A   9.30am-10.30am  BOOKED   B   11.00am-12.00am  BOOKED   &     C   1.00pm-2.00pm BOOKED

THURSDAY 19th October  

A   9.30am-10.30am BOOKED     B   11.00am-12.00am BOOKED     &     C   1.00pm-2.00pm  BOOKED

FRIDAY 20th October

A   9.30am-10.30am  BOOKED   B   11.00am-12.00am  BOOKED   &     C   1.00pm-2.00pm BOOKED

To book a session you can click on LEGO Marsh below for a booking form, fill in your details and email it to or contact Julie Burke on 014543511


Booking Form For Schools
Booking Form For Schools
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