High Numbers for Maths Week!

Many thanks to all the teachers and students who attended our Maths Week Challenges for 2019.  We will have had up to 700 students solve our 10 mathematical problems by the end of October!

If you missed out this year, we can run this fast paced puzzle solving session at any time of the year.  So if you want to book a time in December, January, February…please do get in touch.

The puzzles are aimed at 2nd, 3rd and 4th classes (30 children max.) and the children work in small teams to tackle logic, shape and space, estimating and (the dreaded) fraction problems!

We will most certainly running this event for Maths Week 2020, so do keep a look out for our social media updates and of course the Maths Week website itself.


To book a session during the rest of the year, please provide all your details on this Booking-Form-for-schools and send a copy to julie.burke@marshlibrary.ie or call the library providing all your details on (01) 4543511.


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