Maths Week ‘Crack the Code’ Challenge

It’s Maths Week 2020!  As we cannot welcome you and your students to the library, we are sending out a challenge via the internet!

This lesson is aimed at 3rd to 6th class, which can be adapted to suit your students ability.  You can play the slideshow on an interactive board/projector or computer/tablet if you want a small group/pod to work independently.  If none of those devices are available then you can easily print off all the sheets and explain it all yourself!

A lesson planner can be found here to explain each slide and step of the lesson.

Slideshow (NB: Remember to click on the ‘Full screen’ icon at the bottom)


Downloads and Printables
Crack the Code Planner
Main Example sheet (Video 3)
Crack the Code group/pod challenge (optional, you can choose another times table)
Times Table Helper (Optional)
Challenge another group/pod sheet (To be used after planner sheet)















NB: You may want to give the children the ‘Times table helper’ sheet if they are younger and need a bit of help, the sheet is in the slideshow, so if working with the older students, you may not want to show them this page at all, so do skip that slide!

I suggest using the 9 x Crack the Code for the group/pod challenge (as in the slideshow with ‘Top Secret’ written across it), if this is too challenging for your students, you can find alternative code sheets here:  x2x3x4,  x6 x7,  x8.

All of the answers to the codes above can be found here:  Teacher’s Answers to Codes

I hope you have a go with your students and they enjoy it!  It would be great to get some feedback on how the lesson went and if you encountered any problems or how it could be improved, so please do contact me at

There are lots more fantastic resources and online events on the Maths Week website, you can browse them here!

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