Maths Week 2021 – Tracing Paths

16th October- 24th October 

Here you’ll find 10 minute investigations for the whole class for the week!

This year we are taking inspiration from this image taken from Joannes Buteo’s Opera Geometrica.  We are going to use the lines drawn in the ground by the three figures for a maths investigation that links to the Königsberg Bridge Problem solved by famous mathematician Euler in the 1700s.

Below is an introductory page with the Buteo image for Monday morning to be followed by ‘Day One’ and four more daily 10 minute Tracing Paths tasks to take you up to Friday.  Of course, you can choose to do all in one go at anytime during Maths Week.

Click on each image below and then click on the thumbnail images to display these on your interactive boards or download and print the PDF’s attached at the bottom of the page.

[NB: Play this video to the students after day three to see how Euler solved his bridge problem]











Day One


Day Two

Why not do a bit of fact finding on Euler after Day Two?

Day Three









NOW Watch the Euler TED video

Try to remember the terms Eulerian Path and Eulerian Circuit.  This might help you understand the table in Day 4’s task.

Day Four








Day Five









Test your knowledge








Here are PDF versions of each document to download and print:

Tracing Paths Intro

Tracing Paths Day One

Tracing Paths Day Two

Tracing Paths Day Three

Tracing Paths Day Four

Tracing Paths Day Five

Test Your Knowledge


Answers to day 2, 4, 5 & Test your knowledge here


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