Maurice the Mummy in Marsh’s Library

The story was featured in the Summer 2014 issue of Archaeology Irelandand describes a surprising member of Marsh’s collection–an Egyptian Mummy, dubbed ‘Maurice’ by staff. Upon his original discovery in a library cupboard in the late 1880s, Maurice was moved to the Anatomy Department at Trinity College, Dublin. After some initial examinations, he remained in storage at TCD until the recent departmental move prompted his re-discovery. Now that he has seen the light of day in the age of digital imaging technology, local scientists have had the opportunity to ‘unwrap’ some of Maurice’s centuries old secrets. His head and humerus are missing, and it’s thought he was between 25-40 years of age when he died.

We also know that he dates from about 1500 B.C. That makes him 3500 years old!

Read the article, “The Mystery of the Mummy from Marsh’s Library” by Joseph Harbison, Siobhan Ward, and Philomena McAteer, for the full story of Marsh’s Egyptian mystery guest.

(Harbison, Joseph, Siobhan Ward, and Philomena McAteer. “The Mystery of the Mummy from Marsh’s Library.” Archaeology Ireland 28.208 (Summer 2014): 16-19.)

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