Melmoth the Wanderer: see our exhibition

Explore the texts behind Dubliner Charles Robert Maturin’s great Gothic novel!

Melmoth has made a pact with the devil — his soul in exchange for another 150 years of life. Filled with bitter regret, he is condemned to wander the earth until he can find someone to take his place.

Maturin lived close to Marsh’s Library and was a regular visitor to the building. This exhibition shows that Maturin used a familiarity with 16th- and 17th-century printed material to condemn religious hypocrisy, and to draw a sharp distinction between the light of culture and the darkness of fanaticism.

‘Ragged, Livid & On Fire’ has been curated by Dr Christina Morin of the University of Limerick and Dr Jason McElligott of Marsh’s Library, and supported by the Irish Research Council.

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