Relaxing Colouring with Marsh’s!

Creative inspiration needed?

Many books in our collections, although demonstrating amazing skill, lack a little bit of colour, so we have collated a few images from the collections for you to print off at home and spend time adding a bit of spectrum magic to!  Just click on the images to download a copy.

The first, Ferrante Imperato’s room full of curiosities from, Historia Naturale printed in 1676 (Marvels of Science exhibition 2012), is a fantastic project to start with, but it has also been copied with 12 alterations made to it, so children can enjoy a ‘Spot the Difference’ puzzle at the same time.  Look out for some sneaky differences and check your answers here.

Ferrante Imperato (1676)
Spot 12 Differences








Below you have a selection of images which we’ve made black-and-white (and small files so they don’t eat your data!) for colouring at home.  We will keep adding to them, as we find more, so do revisit this page!  We would love to see your results, so please do send an image to

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