Research Associate on the Bouhéreau Diary Project

Librarians tend not to lead exciting or noteworthy lives. Elias Bouhéreau, the first Keeper of Marsh’s Library, was an exception.

Bouhéreau (1643-1719) was a Huguenot refugee from Louis XIV’s France who escaped to England and subsequently served on important diplomatic missions to the continent for William III against his native France. Bouhéreau arrived in Ireland in 1697 in the service of the earl of Galway and was subsequently appointed Keeper of Marsh’s Library.

From 1689 until shortly before his death, he kept a diary in French which casts new light on the Huguenot experience, as well as wider political, social and cultural history of Ireland, Britain and Europe. The 80,000 word diary is particularly noteworthy in the context of current discourses about refugees, asylum seekers and the nature and meaning of national and European identities.


The Bouhéreau Diary Project

The diary came into the possession of Marsh’s Library in 1915. Exactly one hundred years later, the library established a project to publish an edition of the manuscript. This will appear in print in its original French with an English translation and supporting scholarly apparatus. There may be an online edition of the published diary in the future.  The ‘Bouhéreau Diary Project’ is overseen by an editorial board of distinguished scholars. These are:

Professor Noreen Humble, Department of Classics and Religion, Calgary University, Canada.

Dr Ivar McGrath, Senior Lecturer in History, University College, Dublin.

Dr Jane McKee, Chair of the Irish Section of the Huguenot Society.

Professor Jean-Paul Pittion, Emeritus Professor of French, Trinity College Dublin.


The position of Research Associate

The editorial board has produced a transcript of the original French text and a translation into English. The editorial board now wishes to appoint a Research Associate for a period of four months in order to prepare the manuscript for submission to a publisher. The work schedule for this post is envisaged as follows:

Month 1: Allocate portions of the introduction of 10,000 words to the members of the Editorial Board, and provide necessary administrative support; Check (in tandem with two members of the editorial board) the French transcription of the manuscript of 80,000 words.

Months 2 & 3: Prepare draft proposal for submission of completed manuscript to publisher; Check (in tandem with members of the editorial board) the English translation of the manuscript.

Months 3 & 4: Continue with the process of checking the translation, and preparing the draft proposal for submission; liaise with the members of the editorial board concerning the submission and copy-editing of their portions of the general introduction to the diary.


Requirements for the post

Essential: A Ph.D. in history, literature or a related discipline; fluency in written French and English; experience of preparing scholarly material for publication.

Desirable: Knowledge of early-modern French or Huguenot history.


Terms and conditions

This post is offered by Marsh’s Library, and has been funded by a grant from the Ireland Funds. The post is for four months, and has a gross salary of €2,500 per month. The place of work shall be Marsh’s Library in Dublin.

Applicants should send a CV and covering letter to Dr Jason McElligott at by 5pm on Monday 23 May 2016. Interviews will be held in the first week of June, and it is hoped that the successful candidate will be able to start as soon as possible after the interview.

Candidates unable to be in Dublin for the interviews in the first week of June, may request to be interviewed via Skype.

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