Marsh’s Library elected 19 ‘Maddock Research Fellows’ for the period 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020.


These scholars and their projects are:

Recycled printed and manuscript material found in bindings

1. Dr Colin Reid, ‘Becoming a Democratic Country: Ideas of Democracy, Sovereignty and Representative Government in Ireland, c.1798-1922′.

2. Professor Marcello Cattaneo, ‘Scholarly satire and polemical theology before Swift’.

3. Dr John Condren, ‘Louis XIV and the Peace of Italy: French Policy towards the Po Princes, 1659-1701’.

4. Professor Linda Briggs, ‘Huguenot Responses to the First War of Religion,1562-1567’.

5. Dr Una McIlvenna, ‘Hatred in Print: The Pamphlet Explosion on the Death of Concino Concini, Marquis d’Ancre’.

6. Professor Tim Harris, ‘Britain’s Century of Revolutions, 1603-1691’.

7. Dr Kevin Windhauser, ‘Circulating Knowledges: Literature and the Idea of the Library in Renaissance England’.

8. Dr Kristina Varade, ‘Charles Lever and the Legacy of Anglo-Irish/Italian Transnational Exchange’.

9. Dr Bram van Leuveren, ‘Contesting Diplomacies in Print: French Holdings of Marsh’s Library on the Habsburg-Bourbon Marriages of 1612-1615’

10. Dr Helwi Blom, ‘Briot’s books: the dispersal of the library of the French physician and translator Pierre Briot (1613-1678) and the Huguenot diaspora’.

11. Dr Helen Kemp, ‘The Significance of Seventeenth-Century Notebooks in Marsh’s Library’.

12. Dr Eloise Davies, ‘Venetian influences on Bishop William Bedell (1571–1642)’.

13. Dr Claire McNulty, ‘“For Our Irish Brethren”: Irish perspectives on the disciplinary revolution in seventeenth-century Scotland’.

14. Ms Olga Taranova, ‘Early Printed Slavic Books at Marsh’s Library’.

15. Mr Dan Sperrin, ‘Swift’s reading of Baronius and Clarendon’.

16. Dr Jennifer Murray, ‘A survey of bindings and the waste fragments which had been removed from them in Marsh’s Library’.

17. Professor Helen Parish, ‘Observation, Providence, and Imagination: Collecting and Recording Natural History in Early Modern Europe’.

18. Professor Deana Rankin, ‘French and English Literature and Literary Translation in the Bouhéreau and Marsh Catalogue holdings’.

19. Dr Marie Leoutre, ‘Élie Bouhéreau’s friendships with Benjamin D’Aillon and Guillaume Turon de Beyrie’.

Travel restrictions associated with Covid-19 mean that Marsh’s Library will ‘hold’ these fellowships until the middle of 2022 for scholars who are unable to travel to Ireland in the near future.


Marsh’s Library elected 13 ‘Maddock Research Fellows’ for the period 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2019

These scholars and their projects were:

1. Dr Tamara Atkin (Queen Mary, University of London, UK), ‘Ecologies of Waste in Early Modern England: Historiography and the Recycling of Old Books’.

2. Ms Kelsey Champagne (Yale University, USA), ‘Atlantic Exiles: British Catholicism in Europe and the Atlantic World, ca.1640-1700’.

3. Professor Derval Conroy (UCD, Ireland), ‘Assessing the early modern French holdings of the Benjamin Iveagh collection, 1500-1800’.

4. Dr Heidi Craig (University of Toronto, Canada), ‘Huguenot exiles and paper making and importation in England’.

5. Dr Jamie Cumby (St Andrews University, UK), ‘Annotations in French law books in Marsh’s Library’.

6. Dr Eilish Gregory (University College London, UK), ‘Catholic sequestration in early modern Ireland, 1641-1715’.

7. Dr Georgina Hedesan (University of Oxford, UK), ‘Medical Practice in Late 17th Century France: A Digital Database of the Medical Prescriptions in the Bouhéreau Collection’.

8. Ms Muriel Horeau (La Rochelle archives, France), ‘Books printed by the reformed printers of early modern La Rochelle in the collections of the Marsh’s Library’.

9. Professor Noreen Humble (University of Calgary, Canada), ‘Reconstructing the Lost Notebooks of Elias Bouhéreau’.

10. Dr David Van der Linden (University of Groningen, The Netherlands), ‘Remembering the Wars of Religion in 17th-Century La Rochelle’.

11. Professor Nicholas McDowell (University of Exeter, UK), ‘Rabelais in the books and papers of Elias Bouhéreau’.

12. Dr Anna Reynolds (University of York, UK), ‘The Printed Waste in Marsh’s Library’.

13. Dr Jameson Tucker (University of Plymouth, UK), ‘Huguenot Exile Networks’.

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