We’re still in holiday mode!

No ‘Back to School’ messages in our library, come and try out our activities….it’s still the summer holidays!

As always we have our ink and quills table where you can have a go at writing in our ledger book and on a bookmark to take away with you.

Take a hat, take a seat, take a selfie!

We now have a dressing up corner, where you can don a hat of a 1916 character and take a ‘selfie’.

Also, you can add to our ‘Save my Book’ collection, by adding a title of a factual or reading book you would save from a 1916 bullet.  Alongside this, you can see and touch two modern versions of a bullet book (see image bottom right).

Wounded book

Not forgetting our exhibition about the stories and connections which Marsh’s Library witnessed during the Easter Rising and the years that followed, all very accessible for children.



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