Science Week – Defying Gravity

Can your students slow down the pull of gravity?

We would like to invite 4th-6th classes to come along to the library, to make simple toys with no more than three materials that fly through the air.  The children will identify where the forces occur and in small teams try to create a design that will stay in the air the longest, using the library galleries as their landing strip!

May the forces and air resistance be with you…

The session times up for grabs are as follows: (Those highlighted in red are now booked)

Monday 13th         10.15am-11.15am  &  11.45am-12.45pm  

Wednesday 15th  10.00am-11.00am  &  11.30am-12.30pm  &  12.45-1.45pm

Thursday 16th       9.30am-10.30am  &  11.00am-12.00pm  &  12.45-1.45pm

Friday 17th             10.15am-11.15am  &  11.45am-12.45pm

If you are interested in booking a session, please contact Julie Burke ( or Oisin Marsh ( or by phone on 01 4543511.

NB:  We will try to accommodate you if times are not suitable and can offer sessions the following week if we are fully booked.

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