Marsh’s Shelves Postcard Bundle


A six-postcard bundle of books from the shelves of Marsh’s Library.

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  • Sixteenth Century Books

    Sixteenth Century bindings from Marsh's Library.

    106 in stock

  • Seventeenth Century Books

    Seventeenth Century bindings from Marsh's Library.

    116 in stock

  • Nineteenth Century Books

    Nineteenth Century bindings from Marsh's Library.

    99 in stock

  • Cage Keys on Venice Binding

    A book bound in Venice in the late sixteenth century. The keys open the cages in Marsh’s Library into which visitors were
    locked when they were reading our most precious books.

    102 in stock

  • First Gallery with view of St Patrick's Cathedral

    A view of St.Patrick's Cathedral from the first gallery of Marsh's Library.

    Photograph by Matt Cashore.

    57 in stock

  • Second Gallery of Marsh's Library

    The second gallery of Marsh's Library Dublin.

    585 in stock

57 in stock

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