Marsh’s Shelves Postcard Bundle


A six-postcard bundle of books from the shelves of Marsh’s Library.

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  • Sixteenth Century Books

    Sixteenth Century bindings from Marsh's Library.

  • Seventeenth Century Books

    Seventeenth Century bindings from Marsh's Library.

  • Nineteenth Century Books

    Nineteenth Century bindings from Marsh's Library.

  • Cage Keys on Venice Binding

    A book bound in Venice in the late sixteenth century. The keys open the cages in Marsh’s Library into which visitors were
    locked when they were reading our most precious books.

  • First Gallery with view of St Patrick's Cathedral

    A view of St.Patrick's Cathedral from the first gallery of Marsh's Library.

    Photograph by Matt Cashore.

  • Second Gallery of Marsh's Library

    The second gallery of Marsh's Library Dublin.

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25 in stock

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