St Patrick’s Festival Talks March 2013

The two talks organised by St. Patrick’s Festival 2013 at Marsh’s were a great success.

A Global History of the Irish Abroad,  delivered by Turtle Bunbury, best-selling author, award-winning travel writer, historian & presenter on RTE’s ‘Genealogy Roadshow’, was seen on RTE’s ‘St. Patrick’s Festival Highlights’ programme shown on Monday night.


And secondly, Some Forgotten Unforgettable Irishdelivered by David Slattery, social anthropologist & author of ‘Poet, Madman, Scoundrel: 189 Unusual Irish Lives’ & ‘How to Be Irish: Uncovering the curiosities of Irish behaviour’, had his audience laughing out loud by all accounts!



Many thanks to both our guests and their audiences.  Hopefully we will have more of the same next year!


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