The Forgotten Women of Science

Lectures on Female Education and Manners by J Burton

The Iranian-American artist Pantea Karimi came to Marsh’s last summer to carry out research for her solo exhibition, ‘The Forgotten Women of Science’.  The exhibition was held at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, California, U.S.A. in January-March of this year.

Her exhibition featured lesser acknowledged female scientists from ancient times to the nineteenth century and included a series of panels called ‘An Introduction’ showcasing 9 scientists with brief life stories and images reflecting their scientific work.  One of these scientists was Mary Ward, an Irish naturalist, astronomer and microscopist.

Pantea came to Dublin to work with Chester Beatty as an artist in residence and held workshops, which we were hoping she would carry out here in Marsh’s this summer.  Unfortunately this was not to be, but we hope to reschedule her visit for 2021.

To take a closer look at her exhibition, you can visit here website via this link:

To have a go at her embroidery from nature, click the image here for an introduction to her project with a step by step guide:



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