Thieves and Ladders Game

Thieves and Ladders

In 2017, we exhibited books and manuscripts that had been stolen from the library.  ‘Sorry!?’ Do you say?  How could we display missing items?

Well, some had merely a page or two missing, cruelly sliced out!  Most of the books however had been re-purchased or found and returned.  This saw the beginning of our book thief minifigure and the rest of our historical characters that are still hidden in the library today.

During the Open House festival we also had a large scale ‘Thieves and Ladders‘ game with information about the library building and the missing books/pages.

We have uploaded the game here for you to print out and play at home. Click on the image to download and print off.  Find some counters and a die.  First to roll a six goes first, climb the ladders and try to dodge that book thief!

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