Wunderkammer: a cabinet of curiosities

From Thursday 20 August, Marsh’s Library is delighted to present Wunderkammer, a specially commissioned cabinet of curiosities by Shane O’Donoghue and Simon Doyle.

Curator Shane O’Donoghue presents twelve fascinating objects, from the disciplines of textiles, ceramics, metalwork, woodwork, medical devices and architecture.

The work is displayed in a beautiful case, designed and built by furniture maker Simon Doyle, which reimagines a cabinet of curiosities in contemporary form.

Like their ancient predecessors, the objects featured in Wunderkammer are a diverse bunch. Early cabinets of curiosities displayed wondrous and extraordinary objects in customised cabinets. The collections featured an eclectic combination of items, including any manner of feathers and bones, art and drawings, impossible beasts and improbable items.

So too, Wunderkammer offers an eclectic mix.  The cabinet brings together items from across Irish design: the surprising, the delightful and the unexpected.

Wunderkammer builds a world in miniature – a tiny museum of Irish design.

This exhibit was made possible by a grant from Irish Design 2015, as part of the Local Design Hero series.

Exhibition Details
Dates: 20 August – 4 September 2015.

Price: Entry for children is always free.  Adults pay €2-€3.  Those in receipt of social welfare have free entry.

For Heritage Week (22-30 August), entry to the exhibition for only €1.

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