Wunderkammer, so long and thanks for all the curiosity!

Wunderkammer, an exhibit by Shane O’Donoghue and Simon Doyle, was made for Irish Design 2015It took the form of a beautiful newly imagined cabinet of curiosities, which explores the many facets and forms of modern Irish design through thirteen select pieces.

Staff at the Library (and a few curious visitors!) were delighted to watch the gorgeous display take shape. Furniture maker Simon Doyle designed and built the cabinet. The piece was elegant and unusual – and a suitably innovative display for an exhibit on Irish design.


Simon Doyle at work and the tools of the trade

Curator Shane O’Donoghue took care of the exhibits, and ensured that they were displayed to their best advantage.

Like their ancient predecessors, the objects featured in Wunderkammer were a diverse bunch.  The cabinet brought together items from across Irish design: a violin-maker offered a piece of an instrument-in-progress, and a laser-cut bracelet lived alongside delicate, unglazed porcelain.  We’ve included some sneak peeks below…


Youenn Bothorel’s violin scroll; Genevieve Howard’s bangle; Nuala O’Donovan’s pinecone

Fortune favoured us on the launch night, the rains cleared, and artists, visitors and curators celebrated a job well done in the garden. Special thanks to Teeling Whiskey for graciously providing a whiskey-tasting stand.

The exhibit attracted much attention from visitors during its short stay! We’d like it to come back… maybe with a further re-imagining. Watch this space!

Wunderkammer was made possible by a grant from Irish Design 2015, as part of the Local Design Hero series.

 Celebrations at the launch of Wunderkammer


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